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that is sick as the germs that killed the aliens. I do think it could use less talking and more music, but you seem to know what you're doing.


the only thing that would make this better would be real drums. maybe you want them to sound like they are computer drums though, so either way, this song rocks.

bigbeek responds:

im stuck using a rockband mic for drums so thats prolly why they sound weird
and thats for the gracious comment :D

i blame you

cool tunes and i like your chorus, but...um? it sounds like the music is alot more serious and sad when the verse and chorus sounded like you were telling a joke about her being ugly! And if that's the point, then I totally get it! Anyway, it's cool that you just have stuff like this hiding on your computer. YU got a good voice (autotune of course) but even when i use autotune i still sound bad.

what the?!?!?

Oh man, at 2:10 when it's all of a sudden another song it freaked me out! LOL. Love it. I was actually about to write how it was boring and wasn't really headed anywhere and then BOOM! Change!
Good style, not sure what this song would fit to though, but it doesn't have to fit to anything to just be a song.

TheElementalProdigy responds:

I Didnt Really Know What To Classify This As Either...
But Its Cool Because I like How Its Has Ambience...And I Dont Listen to Hip Hop But Im Pretty Pleased With this Beat.
It Gets Boring Wen You Dont Listen To The Changes In the Background As In All Of My Songs.
Thanks For the Review

DEcent and FUn!

THE GOOD:This sweet hip hop tune is very catchy, the artist did a great job implementing samples while not going overboard with them. All too often I hear a song that is "Kick Kick Kick...Kick Kick Kick..." repeat repeat repeat until the listener turns it off. Of course perhaps its the fact that the song is only 1:36 that it doesn't get old.
THE BAD:The dialogue at the beginning is too quiet to be intelligible. Would have been nice to hear another instrument accompanying.
THE UGLY: This is my first review. I'll save the ugly comments for later, after I have reviewed 10 songs and feel like being more critical. ;)

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