Poems and Music

2010-04-13 14:38:03 by moldremfilms

Ok NG finally put the music up! Yeah I'm so excited! I've been making white christian rap music since jr. high as a hobby. I'm proud to share it with everyone and see what people think.
Poems and Music started January 2010 as a concept of 26 song titles that were made from the first word of each song in an itunes playlist.
It is April and 5 songs are complete, 5 more are in development, 16 more have yet to be thought of.

Poems and Music


2010-04-01 12:28:38 by moldremfilms

Homosexual likes to punk people and stuff, but for april fools day NG became homosexual by homosexual. Prolly everyone knows this, but I'm just checking to see what happens when I put [kevin bacon].

Update: woah, when I put [kevin bacon] the html code changed it to homosexual. WEIRD!


2010-03-11 12:39:07 by moldremfilms

MOLDREM|FILMS <-if you don't visit my link, you must not love America!

What's Up To Everything! I am Garrett J Moldrem, Independent Filmmaker and sometimes I do websites. I have used a few tutorials off of Newgrounds and have decided to become a member so here I is.

But with the attitude of most NG users, I don't think anyone will even read this far. So if you did, enjoy a snack! You rock!